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Personalized searching means always finding the right medicine for you.


Our patent pending technology selects drugs that match your symptoms.

OTCme search profiles make it easy to search meds for yourself, friends and family.

Age and gender specific searches.


The right OTC meds at the right price.


Find the best pricing.

Find discounts, store offers and coupons.

Over 1400 generics.

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Make smart OTC medicine decisions with reviews you can trust.


It’s difficult to know whether online reviews are truthful. With OTCme’s review process, we make sure reviewers provide accurate information and proper context to support you purchasing decision.


Reviews displayed from actual OTCme users

Reviews matched to symptoms

Verified effectiveness of symptom relief


Know your choices, select the right product and avoid medications that won't work for you.


Reading the label will help you decide if you have selected the right product for your symptoms.

Understand the dosing instructions and be aware of any warning that may apply to you.

If you have more questions ask your pharmacist, healthcare provider or doctor.

An app created by healthcare professionals for their patients.


Tired of seeing their patients taking the wrong OTC meds and not getting better, they decided to create OTCme. Developed with their patients in mind, you can now get the right medicine, save money, and feel better too.


Try it out. Download the app today.

Try it out. Download the app today.